Trustees Eric And Susan Bershad visit IEA

Joseph Scheer discussing the Institute for Electronic Arts and Print Media Work from the Division of Expanded Media with Alfred University Trustees Eric And Susan Bershad.

Professor Andrew Deutsch and Dean Gerar Edizel were giving them a tour of the Division. On the table are works by faculty and students of Expanded Media ready to be packed for an exhibition that Joseph is taking to China at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. While there he will be a Visiting Artist giving lectures and a workshop on laser cut woodblock printing.

Looking at Zihao Chen's Artist book

Joseph Scheer explaining how Aodi Liang used on demand printing for his large format artist book

The group is looking at student prints that are going to Tsinghua University

Gerar discussing the use of laser cut technology in new printmaking processes

The Bershad's viewing Joseph's artist book "Night Flyers"
• Photos from Aodi Liang •

NEW WORKS - Alfred Print Media Shows in Beijing TsingHua University

Professor Joseph Scheer as a visiting artist will be traveling to TsingHua University in Beijing on Oct. 27th through Nov. 7th. While there, he will do lectures, workshops and exhibitions.

--- We are excited to pack new works from students and faculties to the exhibition. ---

( Photos from Aodi Liang )

2016 EIA Grads Midterm Critique

EIA Grads Midterm Critique 2016
was held on Wednesday October 12th

It was GREAT with the new first year grads and brilliant second year grads.
Professor Peer Bode, Myles Calvert, Will Contino, Andrew Deutsch, Barbara Lattanzi, Joseph Scheer, etc. attended the meeting.

First Year Grads

Lauren Canella

Yueyuan Gong

Matt Underwood

Jiayi Wang

Second Year Grads

Jesse Earle

Michael Haleta

Yibo Xu 

Yu Xin (Magnet)

Yuanyuan Zhang (Joyce)

Congratulations and très bien Guys !!
See you all at Final Critique.

(Photos from Aodi Liang and Professor Joseph Scheer)

Will Contino demo Chine-collé

• Prof. Will Contino did a demo on Chine-collé •

Put Methyl Cellulose on the Chinese Rice Paper

Gary Hill in Beijing Media Art Biennale : Around & About

Beijing Media Art Biennale BMAB - "Ethics of Technology"
北京媒體藝術雙年展 -“技術倫理”

BMAB Talk:
"Around & About"
Gary Hill

Professor Gary Hill participated and will give a talk in Beijing Media Art Biennale on Sep.29th, organized by Professor Xiaowen Chen, Professor Fei Jun and other professors and staffs.

Poster of Gary Hill's Talk
Old Chinese version of Gary Hill's book
"Up against Down" Gary Hill in CAFA
New work "Self" Gary Hill in CAFA
(photos from Internet / 照片來源網絡)

Beijing Media Art Biennale "BMAB" -- "Inferno" Participative robotic art performance

Beijing Media Art Biennale "BMAB" --- "Ethics of Technology"
北京媒體藝術雙年展 -技術倫理

Beijing Media Art Biennale "BMAB" --- "Ethics of Technology" opened yesterday.
The participative robotic art performance "Inferno" was a installation to let people interact/dance with robots.

Thousands of people participated in the show and Professor Xiaowen Chen had the chance to DANCE too.

( Photos from Internet / 照片來源網絡)

International Academic Printmaking Alliance was LAUNCHED

International Academic Printmaking Alliance was launched, and Professor Joseph SCHEER was elected to be the Vice President.

Congratulations Joe.
1st International Academic Printmaking Alliance : President, Vice President, Secretary-General, Specialists Committee
President Huaxiang Wang, Vice President Prof. Joseph Scheer, Jianwen Guo
主席王华祥、副主席约瑟夫 · 舍尔、郭鉴文合影

Specialists from different countries attended the meeting, shared experience and conducted good discussion on developing international printmaking. 

( Photos all from Internet / 圖片均來源於網絡)