Typology- Morphology

Typology- Morphology -- Work from the institute for Electronic Arts, on view now at SOAD's Fosdick Nelson Gallery, September 4th - October 9th.

Traci Molloy made it to the opening and had a very large print in the Exhibition. She is talking with
Will Contino in the photo.

Students Viewing Oliver Herring's prints - Cheryl - Iris Prints
on Somerset Satin Paper
 35 x 47”

Luftwerk's piece. Video projection  mapping on Very large digital print-- printed on Somerset Satin

Jessica Earle Incoming Electronic Integrated Arts MFA grad discussing Huang Yan's work with Freshman Foundation students.
Ann Hamilton's Reflection Series, Iris prints,  46 x 34" on Arches watercolor paper
Joseph ScheerAndrew Deutsch and Yibo Xu in front of Luftwerk's piece. Spectrum. Video projection mapping on very large digital print-- printed on Somerset Satin 60 x 60"