Graphic Design

Our design program is rooted in the principles and elements of our visual language while simultaneously embracing the power of design thinking and the iterative design process. For each design project, students are immersed in background research, creative research, material studies, critical analysis, refinements, and production. Our program constantly challenges conventional wisdom, educating students as innovators, entrepreneurs, and successful practitioners of design. In addition to a solid foundation in graphic and typographic studies, students are prepared for the changing technological, cultural, and economic context of our designed messages.

Exercises and projects in all of our design studio courses emphasize critical thinking, visual literacy, and craft. Students gain fluency in design industry software applications (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Acrobat) and digital equipment in OSX labs. The labs are renewed regularly with the latest hardware and software providing facilities for the highest level of design education.

Current design studio courses include:
  • ART 211: Type & Image introduces students to the interaction of type and image to engage viewers and convey meaning.
  • ART 311: Graphic Form focuses on image making in the context of graphic design and how form conveys meaning.
  • ART 312: Typography focuses on the knowledge necessary to make appropriate type choices for clear and compelling communication.
  • ART 313: Graphic Design Systems focuses on designing comprehensive and cohesive systems of visual communication.
  • ART 340: Interactive Graphic Design introduces students to design for screen-based media including monitors, smart phones, and tablets.
  • ART 401: Senior Design focuses on self-authored BFA thesis projects culminating in a portfolio and exhibit.